Newegg Business Intelligence Dashboard

In preparation for the critical Black Friday sales event, Newegg needed a comprehensive Business Intelligence Dashboard to rally the team and enable strategic executive decision making.
This tool was envisioned to empower the entire team—from sales to supply chain management—with real-time access to sales data, enabling swift decision-making and maximizing sales opportunities during one of the most pivotal retail periods of the year.

My Role
Product Design


Project Length
1 month
11% Year-Over-Year Sales Growth
Following the launch of the Business Intelligence Dashboard, Newegg achieved an 11% YoY increase in sales compared to Black Friday the previous year.
Heightened Team Engagement
The Business Intelligence Dashboard notably boosted team engagement with its real-time data visualization, generating widespread excitement and a unified drive to exceed Black Friday sales goals, enhancing the company's morale and focus.
Improved Decision-Making Through Real-Time Data
The dashboard provided Newegg's team with immediate access to sales performance, inventory levels, and customer behavior analytics. This real-time data enabled more informed and agile decision-making, crucial for optimizing sales strategies during the fast-paced Black Friday event.

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