Newegg PC Build Kits

To enhance the Newegg shopping experience by simplifying the process of selecting compatible PC components, thereby reducing customer frustration and improving overall satisfaction.
The solution was to design a user-friendly, step-by-step guided wizard that assists customers in selecting PC components. The wizard was developed based on insights gained from competitive analysis, user testing, and feedback from in-house Newegg PC build experts.

My Role
Product Design


Project Length
3 months

Million in Revenue

Units Sold

Unique Visitors
The PC Build Kits project was a success, generating over $3.7 million dollars in revenue and was key in securing major contracts with several prominent PC case makers in its first year.
Journey Map
I developed an initial journey map using insights from the marketing team. As we employed this map to pinpoint areas of potential friction and opportunities for engaging customers, our business strategy became more refined and focused.
I carried out a SWOT analysis to pinpoint strategic opportunities and tackle potential challenges. This important step helped me and the stakeholders to agree on our project's direction, and it played a key role in obtaining more funding and resources.

Through competitive analysis, a key insight emerged: the majority of our competitors require users to start their journey by navigating through complex specifications. This initial step could potentially overwhelm users, suggesting an opportunity for us to differentiate by simplifying our user interface and streamlining the process to enhance overall user experience.

Once I had a clear idea of the project goals in my head I began creating a myriad of sketches to put all the ideas I had in my head on to the page. I then took the strongest sketch designs I came up with and used them as the blueprints to create the final high fidelity mockups.
User testing revealed a key insight: starting with the interactive 360° PC cases selection significantly increased customers willingness to complete the process. This initial step served as an emotional anchor for the buyer, driving momentum that encouraged customers to see the build process through to the end and ultimately purchase their ideal computer.

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