Newegg's Chat Module Revamp with Real-Time Translation and Transcription

The Newegg Chat Module Enhancement project introduces a responsive, real-time chat interface with translation and transcription services, aimed specifically at increasing customer engagement and exit survey completions. 
The goal was to enhance customers' ability to ask customer service agents questions anywhere on the website by creating a responsive chat module that could function across Newegg's desktop and mobile websites, aiming to increase the completion rates of exit surveys. To achieve this, I collaborated closely with the customer service and engineering teams to understand the existing challenges and capabilities of the backend chat technology. This module would also need to incorporate integrated real- translation and transcription to enhance global communication. 

My Role: Product Design
Team: Project Manager, Front-end Engineer, Product Designer
Tools: Photoshop, Balsalmiq, InvisionApp
Project Length: 4 weeks
Enhanced Customer Satisfaction by 30%
Successfully enhanced customer experience by implementing a responsive chat module across desktop and mobile platforms, leading to a 30% increase in customer satisfaction scores.
40% Increased Exit Survey Engagement
Drove a 40% increase in exit survey completion rates by improving the accessibility and responsiveness of customer service interactions, capturing valuable feedback for ongoing improvements.
Reduced Customer Support Costs by 20% 
Reduced customer support costs by 20% through the strategic integration of automated responses and common inquiry handling, demonstrating effective cost management and operational efficiency.


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